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Nika Jankovic

Amsterdam based graduated performer, pedagogue and coach actively involved in the arts and movement culture, dedicated to developing change sparking programs which initiate dialogues and bridge gaps between the audience and the artist.

What moves me

Behind the fancy titles lies a person with many interests, driven by human connection. The motivation for any of the work I do is meeting people and new environments, widening my perspectives and understanding of the ‘world’.

Whether as a performer, movement practitioner, choreographer, teacher or production manager, the essence for me is in the social aspect of the work.

Dedication rather than ambition - how much I am willing to involve myself in the process (of learning) determines the outcome. Outflow determines inflow.

My movement practice is a constant source of inspiration and I look for ways to integrate it in all areas of life.

Nika Jankovic dance

I always found the thrill of movement exciting, exhilarating. Learning by experience created a solid foundation for me.


I am interested in researching and realizing movement programs.

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Nika Jankovic dance

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